September 2018 | A note from our director

t is October 2018.  The year has gone by so quickly.  The holiday season is upon us.  What has this year taught me?

Patience, courage, and perseverance.   How do I act, become what I have learned?   In other words how do I show you what I have learned?

Renewing of the mind… this means we need to be aware of what we think… as we think so we behave and start to act on these thoughts we feed our minds.  Covey wrote “All things are created twice.  First we think it, then we make or do it.”  Our actions are a direct result of our thinking.  You do not think one thing and then do the opposite.  We might fool ourselves to pretend to be friendly, patient or understanding, while our thoughts are angry, not friendly or patient. In the end our actions match our thoughts.

To become or act differently, we need to think differently, to think differently we need to decide what it is that needs to  change in our lives, and then start to think how we can bring that change about in our lives.  Then act on it.  Just do it. (Nike slogan)

How do I become patient, courageous, or persevere?  It starts with intent.  To decide to change my mind/attitude to one of patience, courage, and perseverance.  Once my thought life embraces my values so to speak, my actions will start to come in line with my thoughts.

Guard your thoughts.  Do not give your mind free reign.  A disciplined thought life leads to disciplined actions.

Do you want to know what I am thinking?  Look at my day to day conduct.

Kind Regards

Roy Kapp  |  Director