April 2019 – A Note from our Directors

As the year goes by so the seasons comes and goes. There is summer then autumn, winter, and spring. This happens by the grace of God annually. We just accept this as part of life and we have no control over it. It is the law of nature.

Many of us also approach life the same way. It happens and we have no control over it. We just go where the wind blows us or the storm takes us. Our attitude is one of blaming the wind or the storm or whatever is happening to us. Many of us expect that somebody must take responsibility for what is happening to me, or it is the fault of such and such that I find myself in this mess.

The truth is that in life we have control over some circumstances, but there is many a time that we have no control over our environment. So how do we approach this life to ensure we have a life in the fullest?

The secret is the value of responsibility. We are all responsible for our lives. We might not control our circumstances all the time, but we have a choice of how we shall react to our circumstance. We get to choose our reaction each and every time.

To me it means I have the responsibility to pro-actively own my response to every set of circumstance in life. I can own my response or blame someone for my circumstance, or expect someone to fix my problem.

My advice, take responsibility, be the author of your response to life. Be the change you want to see. Take the bull by the horns. Be the solution to your storms, and live to the fullest.

Is it not a liberating thought that we get to choose how we shall react to the scenarios of the day? It is up to you and I to make it a better day.


Kind Regards
Roy Kapp | Director